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Analyse & Communicate data effectively

Analytikal Minds is the platform that can help you successfully build and expand your analytical skills by focusing on all three core elements 

Data Analytics

 the science of analyzing raw data to discover insights and draw accurate conclusions

Data Visualisation

the way to represent data in a graphical way to discover patterns and trends

Data Storytelling

 the ability to effectively communicate insights using narratives and visualisations

Insightful Data Analytics

Data Analytics is the systematic collection and analysis of data in order to drive informed decision making. It is a multidisciplinary field which transforms incomprehensible numbers into valuable knowledge from data and is used to solve specific problems and challenges within the business environment

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Impactful Data Visualisation

Data Visualisation is a method for presenting raw data in a way that is easy for people to understand and interact with. By using visual elements such as line & bar charts, heat-maps, histograms, maps etc, businesses can better understand patterns and trends in data which would be almost impossible otherwise.

Effective Data Storytelling

Data Storytelling is the communication of insights in a structured and memorable way. By providing the necessary context and visual aids, the objective is to tell compelling stories with data that engage audiences and help them better understand the key takeouts and actions needed

Get to know me


Hey there, I'm Mike!

I have been analysing and communicating data for over 10 years, so my goal was to create a place where like-minded people can find resources and information about the exciting field of Data Analytics.

Feel free to take a look around or reach out directly to me for collaborations, feedback, suggestions or just to say hello.

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Partnerships & Memberships

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