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Boost your analytical skills & career

Starting your career in analytics or just taking it to the next level, we can work together

Where are you in your analytics career?


"I am starting my career in data analytics"

You are just getting started in the analytics field. Recently graduated from academia or you have only a couple years of experience and need some guidance regarding future career opportunities


"I have experience but want to learn more"

You are an experienced professional but you either want to further boost your analytical skills or make a change in your career. Improving tech & soft skills is the ideal next step 


"I want to make my team more data-driven"

You are leading a team which needs to become more data-driven. Analysing & effectively communicating data to senior stakeholders is essential for the team to show its value 


Provided training & workshops for:

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Partnerships & Memberships

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Data career coahing
Boosting skills

Different solutions, for different needs

1:1 general consultation

We can talk about whatever troubles you. Are there issues that you need an opinion? Want to make the next step in your career? Want to make your team more data-driven? What tools to better learn? Anything goes.

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Data career coaching & CV review

​We will review your background together and create a development data career plan that matches your professional needs. We will also review your CV & LinkedIn to better tell your story and help you stand out

Tech skills & tools training

Get a personalised training on the analytical tools that you want to master. SQL, Power BI, Tableau, Looker Studio, Excel etc are essential resources in a data environment. Let's boost your hard skills

Soft & Communication skills training

Google’s Chief Economist said that the ability to visualise & communicate data is an amazing and rare skill to have. Good data visualisation & storytelling can really set apart good professionals

Presentation around Analytics

Interested in presenting to your organisation or to your stakeholders the latest topics on Data & Analytics? How to better communicate data & insights? What self-service analytics are? How to democratise data? Let's discuss 

Presentation around analytics
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