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About Analytikal Minds

Analytikal Minds is the platform that focuses on boosting your Analytical skills & career. 

The vision for Analytikal Minds is to foster a community where every single member benefits from resources that support the growth and enhancement of analytical knowledge regardless of the expertise level.

About me

'ello! I am Michalis (Mike) Konstantoulakis and I have a genuine passion for Data & Analytics. More specifically, I really enjoy analysing data to get insights and then communicating findings to other people in a simple and compelling way using stories.

For this reason, I have created Analytikal Minds to help like-minded professionals who want to build from scratch or expand their data analytics & data communication skills.

Analytikal Minds is the result of 10+ years of accumulated data experience working as an analytics professional in 9 different roles, across 7 different industries. I have seen how Analytics are applied in a wide variety of businesses, such as banks, retailers, airline companies, hotels, tech companies etc.

Moreover, I have seen the differences in data requirements between small startups with less than 10 people, all the way up to multinational companies, both from an "insider" point of view working as an employee, but also from an "outsider" point of view, working as a consultant. 

So depending on your individual needs and your own analytical experience there are many solutions and skills to learn!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or feedback..


Enjoy teaching about analytics and stuff..

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